Key Person/Buddy System

Key Person

Every child that comes to Cashmore Early Years Centre has a key person and a buddy. It is the key person’s job to get to know your child really well. They and the other staff keep a record of how your child is doing in his or her Learning Diary. They know what your child is interested in and enjoy doing. They also know the things that your child needs some help and support with.

Activities are carefully planned to help each child grow and learn and we make sure that they are fun too! Our ‘planning boards’ help us to keep track of how each child is developing and learning. We use them to help us to plan activities that encourage and support your child to learn at a pace that is right for them.

The key person gets to know you too. They will keep in touch with you about how your child is progressing and answer any questions that you have. Your child’s key person works with the family workers at Wellspring Settlement Family Centre. In this way you will have access to a wide range of services.

Buddy System

The key person and buddy system makes sure that your child has two people that they can go to if they need help. It also means if the key person is not, there is always an adult in the Centre with a particular responsibility for your child.