Planting 2023

The Children’s Kitchen recently came to help the children plant up our new vegetable beds. Firstly, the children emptied out the soil from the old tyres into tubs and then transferred the soil into the new planters.   Next, the children planted seedlings (tomatoes, runner beans, peppers, cabbage, strawberries and sweet peas) in the planters.  They have been using the watering cans to water the plants daily. 

We have also been growing cress in plastic cups.  Firstly, we wet a cotton wood pad and placed it in the bottom of the cup.  Next we sprinkled cress seeds on top of the cotton wool pad.  We made sure we sprinkled water on it regularly to keep it moist and watched it grow over the next two weeks.  When it had grown enough to eat we took it home.   I wonder if you had cress sandwiches?