Windmill Hill City Farm visit

On three days last week Bear, Tiger and Zebra Groups went on an adventure to Windmill Hill City Farm.

We started our journey by walking the short distance from Cashmore to Lawrence Hill train station.  Whilst we waited patiently for our train to arrive, we sang songs about farm animals and trains (can you guess which songs?).  We boarded the train and travelled two stops to Bedminster train station.  During the short walk from the train station to the Farm, we noticed lots of building work using diggers, excavators and cranes. 

When we arrived, we spent a little time exploring the toy diggers in the gravelled area before our first stop (the ducks and geese).

We had our packed lunch at the picnic tables quite early because we were hungry.  The seagulls were especially interested in our lunch.

After lunch, we continued to explore.  We saw chickens, goats (there were also two kids), pigs (who were large and smelly), sheep and cows (they were very big).  We also played in the forest areas where we were able to run, climb and balance.

During the day we also saw some creatures you don’t often find on a farm – a unicorn and a sea monster (!). 

We then repeated the journey back.  We were very tired when we got back from our exciting day out.

Thank you so much to the parents/carers who volunteered to come on the trip with us – we couldn’t have done it without you!